Renaissance Festival of Central Florida



Welcome to an epic Renaissance Festival of Central Florida happening at Bill Frederick Park. Step into the kingdom for 5 days and nights of regal fun (October 14,15,20,21 & 22nd). Immerse yourself in the world of Renaissance and beyond, filled with adventure, fantasy and “knightly” music.

The festival will feature some of the best recreations and reenactments from the renaissance period, full of kings, queens, lords, ladies, knights, nobles, pirates, and even fairies, elves and trolls. Watch exciting jousting tournament daily. Meet Leonardo DaVinci as he works on his art. Experience Robin Hood’s Archery Range in Sherwood Forest. Meet the Explorers and say hello to Black Beard and his friends. You might even spot a dragon or two at Dragon’s Lair Music Arena.

There’s fun for everyone including the kids as they get to bounce around in their own Castle or test their luck in the gaming area. Plus a petting zoo and animal attractions.

More info or to purchase tickets visit:


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